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Standup Pouches

Standup pouches (or SUPs) get their name from their ability to stand on their own without the costly need for extra display boxes or racks. This means that these flexible pouches do an excellent job of engaging your customer and showcasing your brand, like cartons or plastic tubs do, but at a fraction of the price!

Stand-up pouch bags offer the same high-impact presentation of traditional packaging solutions, such as cartons, cans and bottles, but at a fraction of the cost. They use approximately 70% less raw materials, and occupy approximately 95% less space when not in use. This translates into substantial material, warehousing and transportation cost savings.

Pouch bags are made by laminating various films together, creating a packaging solution that can be both permeable and leak-proof and can dramatically increase the shelf-life of your product. Pouch bags are great for all kinds of prepared foods, such as salads, soups, juices, trail mixes, candies and chocolates – the applications are limitless.

Why choose a STAND UP POUCH:

  • Cost effective: SUPs are the economical choice when compared to traditional bag-in-box, glass, or rigid plastic options with the same carrying capacity. Savings can be 50% or more in some cases!
  • Great shelf presence: Tell your story by taking advantage of high resolution print on both front and back panels. Mix up your designs with a variety of popular looks including matte, gloss and metallic finishes.
  • Space efficient: Take back your space! Since SUPs take up 75% less space than other packaging options, you won’t need to worry about being overwhelmed by your packaging.
  • Tamper proofing: Easily seal your products with nothing more than a conventional heat sealer, or upgrade to a crimp sealer for a more professional look.
  • Extended shelf life: SUPs can be made with a variety of barrier materials that extend best-before/expiry dates and keeps your products fresh for months.
  • Easy filling: SUPs are easy to manually fill with a funnel or scoop. If you’re looking for a little automation, they can also be used with an automated or semi-automated pouch filling machine.
  • Convenience for your customers: A variety of options can be added to the bag to make your customer’s lives easier, including fresh-lock zippers, tear notches, and easy-pour spouts.
  • Liquids and Ready-to-Cook options: SUPs can also be used for liquid products, like soups or drinks as well. Include a specialized barrier and let your customers cook right in the bag!
Did you know?
  • Since Standup Pouches are 75% smaller and lighter than a comparable box, they also help reduce the space and weight required for transportation. That means that they have a far lower carbon emission footprint associated with shipping!
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Options Available


Oxygen Transfer

Moisture Transfer


Thickness/ Durability





Mixed Matte with Gloss accents

Metalized accents


Tear Notches

Zippers (front face or top)

Hang Holes (sombrero, round)

Coffee Valves

Pour Spouts

Handles (banana, 2 hole)



  • Processed and Pre-processed foods
  • Pet Foods and Pet Snacks
  • Chocolates, Snacks and Candy
  • Cannabis Flower and Edibles
  • Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits
  • Specialty Grains and Cereals
  • Coffee
  • Soups, Broths and Specialty Drinks
  • Lawncare and Gardening
  • Toys and Electronics



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