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Child Resistant Pouches

For most products, the goal is for your customers to get through the packaging and into the good stuff as quickly and easily as possible. But when what you’re packing can be potentially harmful if ingested by a child, including pharmaceuticals, cannabis products, or anything poisonous/toxic (i.e. laundry pods), you don’t want the same easy access.

Fortunately, our ASTM D3475 certified child resistant pouches make it difficult for young children to open, while still being (relatively) convenient for adults to access. Pouches are available in stock sizes off the shelf but can also be customized to your desired needs. They also come in a variety of different zipper/opening types, including pinch lock, and slide seal locks. Custom printing of your brand or logo is available in minimums as low as 10,000 pcs, and in up to 8 high resolution colours.

Why choose a Child Resistant Pouch:

  • Great shelf presence: Tell your story by taking advantage of high resolution print on both front and back panels. Mix up your designs with a variety of popular looks including matte, gloss and metallic finishes.
  • Space efficient: Child resistant pouches fold down flat when not in use, which makes it easier to store than a tub or pill bottle of comparable volume.
  • Extended shelf life: Pouches are excellent at keeping the smells in, and keeping the contents inside fresh, when a barrier layer is included.
  • Easy filling: Pouches are easy to manually fill by hand, or with a funnel or scoop.

Did you know?

  • Child resistant pouches are perfect for cannabis exit bags, as they are smell proof, easy to fill, and meet the packaging requirements for child proof packaging.

Options Available


Oxygen Transfer

Moisture Transfer


Thickness/ Durability




Mixed Matte with Gloss accents

Metalized accents


Child resistant Zippers (front face or top)


  • Cannabis Flower and Edibles
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals and Detergents



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