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Box Bottom Pouches

Put your best face forward! The classy feel of these Box Bottom (or Flat Bottom) pouches make them a fantastic choice for high value specialty foods and snacks, premium pet treats, or any of your products looking for a higher-end feel.

Why choose a BOX BOTTOM POUCH:

  • Great shelf presence: With 5 total panels to print on, Box Bottom pouches give you even more space to tell your story. The front panel sits flat, which makes it easy to spot at the front of the shelf. Mix up your designs with a variety of popular looks including matte, gloss and metallic finishes.
  • Cost effective: Box Bottom pouches are a fraction of the cost of a bag-in-box option, while still able to hold the same volume of product.
  • Space efficient: Box Bottom pouches pack tightly in a master carton with minimal wasted space, making shipping per unit more economical. Plus, you can fit up to 50% more product onto a retail store shelf, when comparing to a SUP with the same footprint.
  • Tamper proofing: Easily seal your products with nothing more than a conventional heat sealer, or upgrade to a crimp sealer for a more professional look.
  • Extended shelf life: Box Bottom pouches can be made with a variety of barrier materials that extend best-before/expiry dates and keeps your products fresh for months.
  • Easy filling: Box Bottom pouches are easy to manually fill with a funnel or scoop. If you’re looking for a little automation, they can also be used with an automated or semi-automated pouch filling machine.
  • Convenience for your customers: A variety of options can be added to the bag to make your customers’ lives easier, including fresh-lock zippers, tear notches, and easy-pour spouts.

Did you know?

  • Box Bottom pouches aren’t folded out of one panel to create their unique form, but constructed out of five individual panels. This makes them one of the strongest and sturdiest pouches available!

Options Available


Oxygen Transfer

Moisture Transfer


Thickness/ Durability




Mixed Matte with Gloss accents

Metalized accents


Tear Notches

Zippers (front face or top)

Hang Holes (sombrero, round)

Coffee Valves

Pour Spouts

Handles (banana, 2 hole)


  • Processed and Pre-processed foods
  • Pet Foods and Pet Snacks
  • Chocolates, Snacks and Candy
  • Cannabis Flower and Edibles
  • Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits
  • Specialty Grains and Cereals
  • Coffee
  • Soups, Broths and Specialty Drinks
  • Lawncare and Gardening
  • Toys and Electronics



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