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Side Gusset Bag

Not just for coffee (but great for that too)! When filled, side gusset bags hold a brick shape, which makes stacking on the shelf, and packing in a master case easy and space efficient. These bags are an excellent choice for ground or whole bean coffees, loose leaf teas, nuts, candies, pasta and many other bulk items.

Why choose a Side Gusset Bag:

  • Cost effective: Side gusset bags have the best bang for the buck when it comes to the carrying capacity vs. bags of a similar size.
  • Great shelf presence: Tell your story by taking advantage of high resolution print on both front and back panels. Mix up your designs with a variety of popular looks including matte, gloss and metallic finishes.
  • Space efficient: Because of their filled shape, side gusset bags leave wasted space between each other when stacked together. This means better usage of your shipping cartons, and your valuable retail shelf space.
  • Tamper proofing: Easily seal your products with nothing more than a conventional heat sealer, or upgrade to a crimp sealer for a more professional look.
  • Extended shelf life: Side gusset bags are great to vacuum pack, especially for coffee!
  • Easy filling: Side gusset bags are easy to manually fill with a funnel or scoop. If you’re looking for a little automation, they can also be used with an automated or semi-automated pouch filling machine.
  • Convenience for your customers: A variety of options can be added to the bag to make your customer’s lives easier, including one-way valves, tin tie closures and tear notches.

Did you know?

  • Roasted coffee releases CO2 over time, which means that a sealed bag of coffee will burst over time! Add a one-way degassing valve to ensure that your coffee stays fresh and well protected inside its bag, where it’s supposed to be.

Options Available


Oxygen Transfer

Moisture Transfer


Thickness/ Durability




Mixed Matte with Gloss accents

Metalized accents


Tear Notches

Zippers (front face or top)

Hang Holes (sombrero, round)

Coffee Valves

Pour Spouts

Handles (banana, 2 hole)


  • Processed and Pre-processed foods
  • Pet Foods and Pet Snacks
  • Chocolates, Snacks and Candy
  • Cannabis Flower and Edibles
  • Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits
  • Specialty Grains and Cereals
  • Coffee
  • Soups, Broths and Specialty Drinks
  • Lawncare and Gardening
  • Toys and Electronics



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